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Safety First, Last and Always... Test

Wide and complete range of central battery systems designed for emergency lighting. Available in different size in order to fulfill any kind of request, from small to big systems with thousands of luminaires. Many years of experience and innovative product developments have enabled CEAG to become a competent partner for emergency lighting systems throughout the world.
The Cooper CEAG emergency and safety lighting systems provide reliable and safe illumination – especially in dangerous situations or in case of power failure. The central battery systems are made with high quality material and latest technologies, they are able to manage remotely the fittings using TCP/IP interfaces. Press here - Reference Projects

Central Battery System DualGuard-S

The central battery system can be monitored and controlled via the ACU DG module and the 4.3" or 7" display with non-volatile program memory...

Central Battery System ZB-S with STAR Technology

Test description as well as providing a dependable supply of power (230V AC/220V DC) to safety and exit luminaires, the central battery system ZB-S tests...

Battery System LP STAR with Technology STAR

The LP-STAR emergency lighting supply unit is exceptionally suited for use in areas that must be installed per segregated fire zone. Due to their...

  • Addressable Safety Luminaires

  • Test

    Safety Luminaires for Central Battery Systems

    Safety luminaires and exit sign boards designed to fit Cooper CEAG central battery systems. Equipped with CG-S control modules for address assignement...

    Addressable Self-contained Luminaires

    Safety luminaires and exit signs with self-diagnostics functions and interface for the connection to the centralized diagnostic system CG-Line...

    Emergency Portable Handlamps

    Cooper portable lamps are robust and yet easy to handle, have a long autonomy and can be used as a flashlight in any emergency situation...

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • (Conventional Systems - Addressable Systems - Smoke, Heat, Gas Detectors - Fire Detection Peripherals & Indicators)

    Conventional and Addressable systems by COOPER, according to ΕΝ50130-4 / ΕΝ60950 / ΕΝ54 / DIN146975 / VdS.

    In large and tall buildings, such systems are necessary to alert everyone in this that there is a fire or other emergency situation and the system used to control the evacuation smoothly. Large buildings may require a system to call the fire department and directs users away from danger area. The property may have a great objective value, and a fire alarm system is required by the insurers.

    Sometimes the fire detection and alarm systems are used to fill surface defects of fire or to provide special coverage for high value items. Whatever the reason is, an automatic fire detection and alarm system provides a network of signs announced fire, automatic sensor devices and alert alarm throughout the coverage area. It is therefore the "eyes and mouth" of the building. Watching the building and then alert if a fire breaks out or if there is such suspicion. In the same way you would hear if you'd see flames or smell something burning.

    Conventional Fire Detection Panels

    The range of conventional panels provide a simple yet effective installer and end user conventional fire detection system solution. Available as 2, 4 and 8-zone panels, with the 8-zone panel being configured for the provision of a repeater panel output as well as two additional alarm line outputs...

    Analogue Fire Detection Panels

    The Cooper Fire range of intelligent Addressable Control Panels offer a high-specification, analogue fire detection panel solution which is available in various configuration. It combines...

    Fire Detection Devices and Callpoints

    View the Cooper range of Intelligent Addressable (and no) Sensors, Sounders, Indicators, Detectors, Call Points. All sensors are third party approved to the relevant section of EN54 (part 7 for smoke detectors & part 5 for heat detectors).

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