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We are the technology leader within our area of expertise. We provide global services for our customers which include research and development, application-specific engineering, overall protection system design and safety awareness training. Our customers know they can rely on our research capabilities, engineering expertise and high quality products for the up and downstream oil and gas, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and bio-energy industries.

Today flame arresters (FLAMEFILTER®) are used for many industrial applications. They are recognised as a safe principle for engineered explosion protection. Making high demands as to sealing of valves is beneficial in terms of both environmental and explosion protection. Quality is manufactured.

Where standard products do not meet the requirements, designs are modified to suit special applications. Qualified advice leads to economic solutions. Maintaining a worldwide network of PROTEGO® subsidiaries and representations we are on site when we are needed.

Explosion protection with PROTEGO® valves and equipment prevents disasters. Worldwide purchasing, modern manufacturing facilities, permanent quality control and global communication guarantee high quality of products and services. With products supplied and services provided, we are committed to safety and the environment.

Braunschweiger Flammenfilter (PROTEGO) GmbH, Germany
Flame arresters, Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valves)

The continuous investment in research and development as well as the successful use in projects in Greece and worldwide of the above explosion proof materials, is the best guarantee of quality and performance. Array Trading with the support of the factories, can propose complete ex product package for applications in hazardous environments.

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